Kim Stallwood 'The Animal Rights Challenge'

The New York University Animal Studies Initiatives Invites You to Attend

'The Animal Rights Challenge'

Kim Stallwood, Animal Rights Scholar & Author

Thursday, October 30, 2014
NYU Global Center
238 Thompson Street, Room 475
New York, NY 10011
6:00-7:30 pm
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Kim Stallwood will address “the animal rights challenge” of making society’s treatment of animals the responsibility of society, not just the individual responsibility of some. In other words, to bring animal rights, and the moral and legal status of animals, into the political mainstream and make it a legitimate public policy issue. Why is this a challenge and how to respond to it will be among Kim Stallwood's questions and will be the topic of his next book.

Kim Stallwood is the author of GROWL. Life Lessons, Hard Truths, and Bold Strategies from an Animal Advocate (with a Foreword by Brian May) recently published by Lantern Books. Kim i s an independent scholar and author on animal rights. Since 1974, he demonstrated personal commitment and professional experience in leadership positions with some of the world’s foremost animal advocacy organizations in the UK and USA. He co-founded the Animals and Society Institute in 2005, is ASI’s European Director and Executive Director of Minding Animals International.