Modern Meat: The Science and Culture of Meat Substitutes

A half-day event about the science and business of meat substitutes and their social dimensions

The science of meat substitutes:


Kent Kirshenbaum - Director of Graduate Studies and Professor of Chemistry at NYU Department of Chemistry
Isha Datar - CEO of New Harvest
Moderated by Jacy Reese - Senior Fellow, Sentience Politics

The culture of meat substitutes:


Alan Levinovitz - Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at JMU
"Magic, Metaphysics, and Frankenmeat: Understanding the Foundations of Dietary Taboos"
Ben Wurgaft - Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT"
Promise and Progress: On Cellular Agriculture, Moral Promises, and Technological Progress"
Moderated by Christopher Schlottmann, Clinical Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

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