Thinking with Animals Conference

Hosted by New York University & The New School
A Minding Animals Pre-Conference Event

This is the new date for the conference that was originally scheduled for Friday November 2, 2012.

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Speakers: Alice Crary, Jan Dutkiewicz, Amy Leigh Field, Dale Jamieson, Colin Jerolmack, Timothy Pachirat, Dominic Pettman, Pooja Rangan, Chris Schlottmann, Jeff Sebo, Ada Smailbegovic, Miriam Ticktin & Rafi Youatt.

Although the social sciences, humanities, and philosophy have long been characterized by a deep-seated anthropocentrism, the recent explosion of popular moral concern for nonhuman animals has helped expand the boundaries of these disciplines. This conference examines how the “animal turn” is altering the contours of academic inquiry in the fields of philosophy, anthropology, politics, sociology, cultural studies, and literature. Specifically, scholars will examine how our relations with animals both reflect and shape the historical, political, and cultural contexts in which they are embedded; and they will ask what it means to theorize animals as political, economic, social, and moral objects—and subjects.