Undergraduate Program

Animal Studies Minor

The Animal Studies Initiative (ASI) offers NYU undergraduate students the opportunity to graduate with a minor in Animal Studies. The program draws from courses offered by the Department of Environmental Studies, the ASI and many other departments to propose a wide range of options for students to choose from – from biology and environmental science to art and literary studies, from ethics, law and policy to sociology. The Animal Studies minor can be combined with any major and will help students develop strengths in a variety of academic and professional fields. The NYU AS minor is one of only very few opportunities in the country to incorporate animal studies in their college degree.

Faculty at the ASI are happy to provide guidance for interested students. Please contact the AS minor adviser at:
animal.studies.advising@nyu.edu for more information or to declare a minor.

To complete a minor in Animal Studies, students must receive a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in four of the following courses*. 

ANST-UA 200/ENVST-UA 610 Animals & Society
ANST-UA 257/ANTH-UA 59 Primate Communication
ANST-UA 300 Animals in Art & Literature
ANST-UA 393/ENVST 593/AHSEM 193 Making Art in the Anthropocene: A Creative Research Project on Ecology, Species & Vibrant Matter
ANST-UA 400 Ethics and Animals
ANST-UA 410 Animal Minds
ANST-UA 440/ENVST-UA 440 Food, Animals & the Environment
ANST-UA 500/ENVST-UA 630 Animals and Public Policy
ANST-UA 600.001 Topics in Animal Studies: Keeping Animals
ANST-UA 600.002/COLIT-UA 800.001/ENGL-UA 252.002 Topics in Animal Studies: Being Vegan: The literature of Environmental Justice
ANTH-UA 54 Primate Behavioral Ecology
ANTH-UA 56 Comparative Biology of Living Primates
ANTH-UA 212 Prehistoric Art and Symbolic Evolution
CORE-UA 400 Text & Ideas: Animal Humans
CORE-UA 400 Text & Ideas: Of Beasts & Books
COSEM-UA 107 Zooesis: Animal Acts for Changing Times
DRLIT-UA 301 Topics in Performance Studies: Animal Rites
ENGL-GA 1957 Intro to Topics in Literary Theory: The Animal Turn
ENVST-UA 323 Introduction to Marine Ecology & Conservation
ITPG-UT 2746 Animals, People and Those In Between
OART-UT 408 The Performing Animal
THEA-UT 801 Theatre of Species: Ecology, Animality, and Performance

*Note that only a selection of these courses are normally offered every year. Please refer to the ongoing schedule for courses available for registration.