Undergraduate Program

Animal Studies Minor

To complete a minor in Animal Studies, students must receive a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in four of the following courses:

ANST-UA 200/ENVST-UA 610 Animals & Society
ANST-UA 257/ANTH-UA 59 Primate Communication
ANST-UA 300 Animals in Art & Literature
ANST-UA 393/ENVST 593/AHSEM 193 Making Art in the Anthropocene: A Creative Research Project on Ecology, Species & Vibrant Matter
ANST-UA 400 Ethics and Animals
ANST-UA 410 Animal Minds
ANST-UA 440/ENVST-UA 440 Food, Animals & the Environment
ANST-UA 500/ENVST-UA 630 Animals and Public Policy
ANST-UA 600 Topics in Animal Studies
ANTH-UA 54 Primate Behavioral Ecology
ANTH-UA 56 Comparative Biology of Living Primates
ANTH-UA 212 Prehistoric Art and Symbolic Evolution
CORE-UA 400 Text & Ideas: Animal Humans
CORE-UA 400 Text & Ideas: Of Beasts & Books
COSEM-UA 107 Zooesis: Animal Acts for Changing Times
DRLIT-UA 301 Topics in Performance Studies: Animal Rites
ENGL-GA 1957 Intro to Topics in Literary Theory: The Animal Turn
ENVST-UA 323 Introduction to Marine Ecology & Conservation
ITPG-UT 2746 Animals, People and Those In Between
OART-UT 408 The Performing Animal
THEA-UT 801 Theatre of Species: Ecology, Animality, and Perfomance

To declare an AS Minor contact the AS Adviser at animal.studies.advising@nyu.edu